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50's Rock n Roll Live Band

The 501’s are a three piece rock n roll and rockabilly band.

Two of them met through their passion of 50’s rock n roll and the music of that time. 

Initially the 501’s lead guitarist and vocalist David Romaine started out as a soloist and eventually joined a folk band where he played the big pubs and clubs all over the midlands. He shared the stages with the likes of Jasper Carrot and The Slade, but after a long time away from the music scene he came back with a new formed affection for rock n roll and rockabilly. 

Alongside Dave Hawkins who had also had a long standing love affair with the 50’s decided to learn the double bass. After some time of jamming in few music rooms the 2 became more and the 501’s began to gig regularly on the rock n roll scene. 

So lastly but not least we introduce the newest member Rowly Whiskin on drums, he is the latest to find true passion for the 50’s but has many years experience gigging on drums for several rock and blues bands. Rowly was introduced to both Dave’s through Honywood Music Rooms in Basildon where they rehearse and record on a regular basis.

Just recently the 501’s had a live recording played on Gateway Radio courtesy of Honywood Music Rooms.

Now together they feel they have hit the perfect combination.